The Parkinson’s Podcast™ is produced by the Davis Phinney Foundation and covers topics ranging from Parkinson’s basics to how to talk to kids and families about Parkinson’s to new topics in the field like palliative care and much more.

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Our YOPD Council panel discusses community, medication management, depression, and more
Learn how issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community show up in Parkinson’s care
Our panel members and a registered dietician talk about food as medicine
Learn how boxing improves balance, mobility, and quality of life
Brian Grant and Davis Phinney on how and why they are passionate about living well with Parkinson's
Our YOPD Women's Council discusses sex, intimacy, love, dating, and Parkinson's
Angela Duckworth talks with us about how grit can help you get and stay motivated
Learn how systems of racism and oppression impact the Parkinson's community
Learn about all the ways sun and light can help you live well with YOPD

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