The Parkinson’s Podcast™ is produced by the Davis Phinney Foundation and covers topics ranging from Parkinson’s basics to how to talk to kids and families about Parkinson’s to new topics in the field like palliative care and much more.

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Dr. Joohi Jimenez-Shahed broke down the what, why, and how of Deep Brain Stimulation and its latest advancements.
Dr. Subramanian and Dr. Pontone discuss how we need to apply a cultural context to living well
In this episode, Dr. K discusses all things relating to constipation and the gut
The YOPD Council discussed regaining confidence with the onset of symptoms in young onset Parkinson's
Neurologist and Educator Yasar Torres-Yaghi explains OFF and how to manage it in easy, relatable, and actionable terms.
 Dr. Rodolfo Savica shares his expertise on Parkinson's and dementia.
Dr. Roseanne Dobkin discusses mood disorders and Parkinson's
Our YOPD Council discusses community, medication management, and more
Learn how issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community show up in Parkinson’s care

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