The Parkinson’s Podcast™ is produced by the Davis Phinney Foundation and covers topics ranging from Parkinson’s basics to how to talk to kids and families about Parkinson’s to new topics in the field like palliative care and much more.

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Dr. Bloem speaks about Ending Parkinson's, living well with Parkinson’s today, the hopes for Parkinson’s in the future and much more. 
Dr. Michael Okun shares the latest for new and emerging therapies for Parkinson’s.
In this episode, panelists discuss the importance of effective communication in their journey with Parkinson's and the wisdom they've learned. 
Listen to chapter 16, “Living Well with Parkinson’s Today,” and the appendix, "Medical Bullshit Detector" and learn about action steps and advice to living well with Parkinson’s today
Listen to chapter 15, “Long-Term Care and Financial Planning,” to hear about the what, how, and when of long-term care and financial planning
Listen to chapter 14, “General Health and Wellness,” and learn general health information to remember as you navigate your Parkinson’s
Listen to chapter 13, “Social Connections, Relationships, and Community,” and learn the importance of relationships and how to navigate them
Listen to chapter 12, “Emotional Health,” and learn to improve your emotional health through volunteerism, mindfulness, and connection
Listen to chapter 11, “Nutrition,” of the Every Victory Counts® manual and learn what you need to know about nutrition and Parkinson’s

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