The Parkinson’s Podcast™ is produced by the Davis Phinney Foundation and covers topics ranging from Parkinson’s basics to how to talk to kids and families about Parkinson’s to new topics in the field like palliative care and much more.

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People living with Parkinson’s, their care partners and families, and friends of those living with Parkinson’s want reliable and practical information that will help them improve their quality of life today and every day. The Every Victory Counts® manual is the gold-standard resource to help you live well with Parkinson’s and achieve your wellness goals. And now you can access the fifth edition by audio! A special thanks to the Colorado Talking Book Library for creating these audio recordings and making the Every Victory Counts manual even more accessible.
Learn how to care for your loved one with Parkinson's and also yourself.
Learn why palliative care is ideal for people living with Parkinson’s.
Yale's Dr. Laurie Santos explains how to live a “Good Life.”
Learn how physical therapy can help you live your best life with Parkinson's.

If your sleep patterns are less than ideal, this podcast is for you.

Practice mindfulness with these meditation audios by Kelsey Phinney.

Listen in as an esteemed panel of experts talk about the benefits of DBS.

Listen in as Kelsey Phinney and her mom Connie Carpenter Phinney talk about practicing compassion.

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