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As we mark our 20th anniversary, we are reflecting on all that we’ve accomplished together in the past twenty years. We’re also thinking about what still needs to be done. In 2004, it was hard to imagine that we wouldn’t be celebrating a cure for Parkinson’s by now. Today, while finding a cure is still the shared goal in our community, the mission and work of the Davis Phinney Foundation are as pressing as ever.

A message from Davis

At the Davis Phinney Foundation, we believe that by focusing on the individual—by meeting each person where they are in their journey with Parkinson’s—we can best provide the essential support to live well today. Since 2004, we have reached hundreds of thousands of people with insightful, practical, and often life-changing information. We could not have accomplished this without support from you: our community. Yet every year, 90,000 more people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s in the US alone. Every day a new wave of families and care partners are directly affected by the challenges Parkinson’s inflicts. As we look ahead to tomorrow, we feel strongly compelled to continue our ever-critical mission today. We invite you to join us on this journey: to keep connecting, keep supporting, to keep impacting, our Parkinson’s community, together!

With gratitude for all you do.

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Davis Phinney stands in front of a mountain covered in trees. He is wearing a black coat and a denim button-down. He has short, grey hair and a stoic look on his face.

I can only say that the [care partner training] program you are presenting is wonderful. It is caring, understanding, knowledgeable, and filled with ways to help both care partners and PWP. I am so impressed by both Dr. Fleisher and Polly; I don’t have the right words to express it. Thank you for all you do for the Parkinson’s community!

This was BY FAR the best one hour I’ve spent in the last year learning about my disease. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’d categorize this as the most important discovery since pre-diagnosis of parkinsonism. Everything clicked last night when I watched the webinar.

Shortly after I was diagnosed, I learned about a Davis Phinney Foundation event. I attended with my family in an effort to learn how to take care of myself. It was fabulous! It armed me with knowledge, assuaged many of my fears, and gave me hope for a future.

Because of the PD SELF course, I have completely changed my outlook on Parkinson’s and what’s possible for me. I have tried so many new things, met incredible people I now call friends, and have actually made my life bigger. Thank you!!

The Davis Phinney Foundation event in Ottawa last week was sensational. My husband has Parkinson’s and three of our five children joined us at the symposium. This was a great opportunity for them to understand what their father is facing and what support I will need from them as the days go by. Thank you for such a great day and for the many topics that were covered by the understanding panel of experts.

Thank you for the sessions you provided. I have been recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s and struggling to accept my diagnosis. After the session, I am feeling more positive and optimistic for the future. It was useful to hear others’ experiences and hearing their thoughts, many the same as me when first diagnosed. What was nice is how those negative thoughts were turned into positives, giving hope for the future.

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