Do work that matters.

At the Davis Phinney Foundation, we help people with Parkinson’s live well today. We give them tools, resources, education, experiences, and anything else we can dig up. People living with Parkinson’s tell us we make their lives better. What more can you ask for? Join us!

Who We Are
A small but mighty crew united by a desire to do great work for a great community. People who come to the Foundation find more than a job. They find a home, a career, and a calling.
The Foundation is headquartered just outside of Boulder, CO, where the trails are plenty, the sun shines most of the time, and everyone is pretty darn happy to live here.

We value collaboration, creativity, fun, excellence, and long-lasting relationships. We’re writers, cyclists, runners, bakers, dancers, philanthropists, outside enthusiasts, pet owners, endurance athletes, readers, parents, travelers, adventurers, true crime addicts, and corn-hole competitors.

We bring a wealth of diverse experiences to our roles, but we are united by a common set of values and goals: live well, inspire action, connect the community, and take an Olympic-level approach in all we do.
Who You Are
Someone who would love a mission to get them out of bed in the morning.
Punching a clock, doing time, and going through the motions aren’t your cup of tea. You want to care about the work you do. You don’t just want a job, you want to believe that the hours you spend working make a tangible difference in the lives of others.

You might call yourself a manager of one. You’re someone who has just as many ideas as the next person, and you don’t want to get stopped at every turn by all the levels up the chain. You’re good at what you do, and you want a boss and a leadership team that gives you the reins to do it.

You’re also a kind human, are always ready to chip in, and love making other people’s lives better.
What it’s like to work here
It’s like spending your days with friends. And with people who not only understand that you have a life outside of work but want to hear about it.

We believe in giving people space to get their job done. And while we do have meetings, and collaboration is a key value of the Foundation, your days won’t be bogged down by them. You’ll have time to go out for a run during the day if that suits you. You can be the early bird or the night owl if that’s when you feel most productive. We care less about when we see you than we do about what you create that helps move our mission forward. Parkinson’s is a BIG issue, and we have a lot of work to do.

Here's What We Offer

Ever daydream about having that perfect job? Working for the Davis Phinney Foundation may fit the bill.

  • Work where you want– Most of our employees work at our office, but not all. If your role can be done remotely, we’re happy to consider it.
  • 40-hour work week– We regularly stick to 40 hours a week. Like we said, there’s a lot of work to be done for the Parkinson’s community, but we also know that if you don’t have time to enjoy the other 128 hours in the week, your work may suffer. We have even less time for that.
  • Insurance and retirement– The Foundation offers health, dental, vision, and supplemental plans for you and your family or domestic partner. We also offer a Simple IRA plan that’s funded by the Foundation.
  • Vacations and paid holidays– The Foundation offers three weeks of paid vacation, sick days, comp days, and a few national holidays every year.
  • 100% of hardware and software– Whatever hardware, software, or services you need to do your job are always on us.
  • Snacks – We have really good ones.
  • Holiday party– We know what you’re thinking, but our white elephant holiday party is a coveted invite. People who have long since left the Foundation still show up for the margs, food, and inevitable competitions.


Development Intern

We’re looking for a Development Intern to join our team to support all aspects of Davis Phinney Foundation development, including fundraising events, incentive program shipping, donor relations, data entry, peer to peer community fundraising, donor analytics and more. This position will be approximately 10-20 hrs/week with some opportunities to help with weekend events.

How to Apply

Each position has different application requirements, so please follow the instructions in the job description when applying.

If you have general questions about careers and internships, please email: