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Every gift is important: From volunteering to fundraising, gifts of time have a huge impact on our work. There are a variety of ways to join us in our 20th anniversary year and help shape the future of living well.

Join Team DPF

Team DPF is our peer-to-peer fundraising community that raises money and grows awareness to help people with Parkinson’s live well today. Earn prizes and team gear as you reach achievable milestones! You can turn almost any event or activity into a fundraiser for the Davis Phinney Foundation, and we’re here to help you succeed!


Ways to Give

In 2004, it was hard to imagine that we wouldn’t be celebrating a cure for Parkinson’s by now. As we embark on our 20th anniversary, we are reflecting on all that we’ve accomplished together- and what still needs to be done. Your donation to the Davis Phinney Foundation supports innovative quality of life research and our extensive educational programs, which provide essential information and practical tools to help people with Parkinson’s live well today. Together, we’re helping people live better and building healthier Parkinson’s communities.


We work hard to provide essential information and tools for people with Parkinson’s, but we don’t do it alone. Our volunteers are truly an inspiration. They lighten the load by helping us with a variety of activities from events to clerical work at our headquarters.

Tucson Victory Summit Davis Phinney Foundation - 12/14/19 

Photo by Chris Ocken 
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Corporate Partnerships

Corporate partners receive many benefits in supporting the Davis Phinney Foundation. Corporate support aids in the creation of meaningful programs and resources for hundreds of thousands of people with Parkinson’s and their families each year. In partnership with the Davis Phinney Foundation, companies can demonstrate their commitment to living well, inspiring action, and connecting the community. If you or your company is interested in learning more about charitable partnership opportunities, please contact us.

victory Bruce McKay - Pedal the Cause - Davis Phinney Foundation
Bruce McKay
St Louis, MO

Now that I have been diagnosed, I do not plan to sit back and remain idle. Instead, I am determined to help bring this disease to an end during my lifetime. I have had to give up tennis and racquet sports in general, but I still enjoy walking, biking, and hiking. I want to learn as much as possible about Parkinson’s and help others cope with their struggles. I would also like to meet more people at a similar stage of the disease. Finally, I want to get involved in more fundraising activities and would like to form a group of like-minded individuals.

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