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After a diagnosis of Parkinson’s, it can be easy to get lost researching every possible thing that could happen during a Parkinson’s journey. But too much information can be dangerous; it can lead to increased stress, lack of presence, and worsening symptoms.

One of the keys to living well with Parkinson’s today is to learn how to deal with what’s in front of you and resist the temptation to project too far into the future. There’s no way of knowing what symptoms you may or may not experience three months, three years, or even three decades down the road. So, as with any big project you take on, and Parkinson’s is certainly a big project, take it one step at a time and trust then when the next step arrives, you’ll be ready for it.

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Now, first things first. There are three critical steps you can take every single day to live better with Parkinson’s:


1. If you are on Parkinson’s medications, take them as prescribed by your doctor on time every time. If they aren’t providing symptomatic relief, try number two below.


2. Every time you take your medication, take it with a full glass of water. (We know. It seems too good to be true that this can help you live better with Parkinson’s, but it can!) If after taking your meds with a full glass of water every time, you’re still not getting symptomatic relief, make an appointment to see your doctor, ideally your movement disorder specialist, to discuss it.


3. Move your body every day. Aside from taking first-line Parkinson’s medications with a full glass of water, exercise is the best thing you can do to live well. 

Now, if you’re ready for more, the last thing we want is for you to go looking for information and be unable to find it. So, this is a small sample of all the resources on our site when you’re ready to dive deeper.

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Did you recently receive a diagnosis of young-onset/early-onset Parkinson’s?

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Living well with Parkinson’s isn’t easy. Everyone’s road is so different, and the future is uncertain. Still, our community is filled with shining examples of people who are not just living well with Parkinson’s but thriving beyond their wildest dreams. On the days when you feel like just getting by is the best you can hope for, know that we’re here to support you. And that we have 85+ Ambassadors all over the US and Canada who would love to do the same. You can reach out to any of them here for support, advice, and encouragement along your path with Parkinson’s. 


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