One of our core values is to connect the community. Social connection is critical to the well-being of people living with Parkinson’s, and it’s an important part of how we work. Below you will find resources that foster community connections and collaboration.

For Individuals & Families

We recognize that often the work to live well happens on a more intimate level. It happens in phone calls and on walks and over coffee, when we most need to connect with someone who really understands what we’re going through. Visit our Ambassadors page to connect with someone in your area or anyone you think you would connect well with, regardless of location.

For Community Leaders

Nothing happens without the power of the collective, and community leaders are at the center of organizing, mobilizing, and creating positive change for the Parkinson’s community. Through our new Healthy Parkinson’s Communities™ initiative, we aim to support and connect community leaders to help them go farther than they could alone.

Connect with the Foundation

Visit our contact page to connect with the staff of the Davis Phinney Foundation directly.

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