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Over the past 15 years, we have hosted The Victory Summit® event 65 times! Fifty of them were in person, and 15 of them were online because of the pandemic. We welcomed tens of thousands of people to these events, and many have cited it as a turning point in their life with Parkinson’s – it was the moment they realized they could have Parkinson’s AND live well.

This page celebrates the people we met, the connections we’ve made, and the information we learned along the way. Whether you attended one, more than eleven (as several people have), or you’re just learning about these events now, we’ve created this page to give you access to the archive. While we only have session recordings and/or slides for the last 21 events, there’s still plenty of content to explore.


Reverie Escobedo
One of the things that most had an impact on me, was to see so many people with Parkinson’s doing so well, even with their challenges. The generosity of all involved opened my heart. Add in the enthusiasm, the sharing of skills, talents and knowledge, and you’ve got a winner. You covered all areas, too! The built-in rest periods were a relief.
If anyone in your organization ever doubted the value of sharing in the way you do, please know that I found information, camaraderie and hope today. You do not need me to tell you you are on the right track, but I will.
Mil gracias. A thousand thanks. ¡Qué Dios se lo pague!” (may God pay you for it…implying you have good karma.)

Everything was so enlightening and meaningful. Each presenter was very well prepared to share and I appreciate all that I was able to take away from the experience. Thanks so much! It’s easy to get overwhelmed after hearing a PD diagnosis, but it helps to know there is help available. Again, many thanks!

Joe Bebry
Organized with well-spoken and knowledgeable speakers, covering all aspects of each topic. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I have had Parkinson’s for 3 1/2 years and the Davis Phinney Foundation has been such a source of encouragement and inspiration to me in my journey with PD. The virtual summit was needed more than ever this year for the Parkinsons community because of the challenges and isolation that COVID has posed. Thankful for all that you do to help individuals like me to live well with Parkinson’s!
Ann Kugler

I have attended various PD workshops and this was the best without a doubt. The use of people with Parkinson’s who were also experts in their fields offered new thoughts and perspectives even on subjects I thought I knew a lot about.


The Summits are so uplifting for me and I have learned something new at every one I have attended or watched. The speakers today covered many things of great interest to me and others with Parkinson’s.

Sam Smith
The Victory Summit was well done and very meaningful to me as one who has Parkinson’s. Thank you all so much!

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