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You’re officially invited to share your most inspirational Moments of Victory® story.

Our community members tell us regularly how much they enjoy reading stories from others who are traveling a similar path. Whether they are living with Parkinson’s, their partner or loved one is living with Parkinson’s, or they work with people with Parkinson’s, they are moved by inspirational stories and moments of victory.

What’s Your Moment of Victory?
Living with Parkinson’s

If you’re living with Parkinson’s, please share your Moments of Victory story with us here.

Team DPF

If you’re a member of Team DPF and have a great fundraising story to tell, please complete the form here.

Allied Health Professional

If you’re an allied health professional who works with people with Parkinson’s, please let us know all about it here.


Here are a few stories that may inspire you to write your own…