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Eva Moments of Victory 2

Briefly describe your journey since diagnosis:

I was diagnosed in 2015 and I was relieved to know what was wrong with me. I had been under a lot of stress and I was feeling terrible. The fatigue was crushing and I thought I was dying. It was a scary and painful two years. When I finally got a diagnosis I immediately began exercising at PWR!4life. That was the best decision I have ever made. I started taking meds and exercising everyday. Then I began to feel better and better. Now I have more energy, I walk really well and I laugh a lot. My sense of smell came back!

Recovery is possible! I am working to become a healthy person living with Parkinson’s.

I have been a professional dancer all my life. And now I can dance again. I prefer to do videos nowadays and not to be onstage and I have done two dance videos so far.

Eva Tessler’s Philosophy

How do you live well each day?

I retired from my job as a dance teacher and found myself an online job. I swim everyday and go to my PWR! gym three times a week. I do pilates three times a week and dance on Saturdays and Sundays. I also give myself time to rest. I eat frozen yogurt after workouts. I read a lot. I play the piano almost everyday. I enjoy the company of my daughters (one of them still lives at home), my husband and a few close friends. I am surrounded by the love of my two dogs, cat and fish. I tend a small garden. I am a happy person…

I enjoy going to PWR!4life because it’s a specialized Parkie gym and I get to meet and workout with other very inspiring people with Parkinson’s. They are a constant reminder that I can actually live well with Parkinson’s.

What do you wish you would have known when you were diagnosed that you know now about living with Parkinson’s?

I wish my neurologist wouldn’t have been so gloomy. I am not talking about giving me false hope. I am talking about dispensing true hope that with medication, exercise, love and a POSITIVE attitude one can live a full life.

What do you wish everyone living with Parkinson’s knew about living well?

We can’t defeat Parkinson’s yet but we can learn to DANCE with it. You are responsible for your well being and your recovery. Enjoy each and every moment of your day. Be patient with yourself when you are having a bad day, it will pass. Reach out to others on a regular basis. Take mental vacations from Parkinson’s. It is always with you but don’t let it define who you are, what you can do or every thought in you head. Always choose HOPE!



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I know Eva and she is a true woman warrior. Her message about finding her own way to positivity and being a self advocate is so important. She is active again and I know that she will give back to the Parkinson community with support, encouragement and advice.

Thanks for your comment, Annette. Eva’s philosophy on living well with Parkinson’s is truly inspirational. Her positive outlook and proactivity will reach many people in her community and show others what you can do today to be well.

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