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29 Jun: What’s New in Parkinson’s: June 2021

Fruit flies and dopamine. Naked mole rats and longevity. The long-term efficacy of DBS. Dance intervention. Joint pain and Parkinson's. AI for treatment. Check out the latest in Parkinson's research, surveys, and stories and let us know if we missed anything. Happy reading!
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21 Jun: [Webinar Recording] The Latest and Greatest on Boxing and Parkinson’s

If you’ve been living with Parkinson’s for a while, chances are good that you’ve either heard about how beneficial boxing is for people with Parkinson’s, or you’ve attended many boxing classes yourself. But how familiar are you with the latest and greatest research about boxing and Parkinson’s? In this webinar, our panel members shared specifics about the research they’ve conducted and described the effects of Parkinson’s severity and duration of boxing training on changes in balance, mobility, and quality of life for people living with mild or moderate to severe Parkinson’s.
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13 Jun: Every Victory Counts® Preview: Your Aerobic Exercise Prescription

In July 2020, my colleague Dr. Anson Rosenfeldt and I published a paper about how exercise should be a universal prescription for people living with Parkinson's. We have seen how, in the past two decades, aerobic exercise has become a mainstream recommendation for managing multiple symptoms of Parkinson's. We have seen that data from animal studies and select human trials indicate that aerobic exercise may facilitate structural and functional changes in the brain, and recently, several large human clinical trials have been completed and collectively support the use of aerobic exercise, specifically high-intensity aerobic exercise, in improving Parkinson's motor symptoms. And we have seen that despite these findings, exercise recommendations continue to lack specificity in terms of frequency, intensity, and duration. Our goal was to determine how much exercise and intensity were the ideal prescription for people with Parkinson's.
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08 May: What You Need to Know about Parkinson’s Research

Parkinson’s clinical trials, surveys, and studies for Parkinson’s treatments can be as simple as completing an online form or as involved as a months’- or years’-long drug trial. Some trials are observational, where researchers simply monitor participants in their natural state over a period of time. Others are interventional, where participants take a new medication or modify their behavior, such as incorporating a new exercise routine or eating plan into their daily lives, so researchers can see how the changes impact the participant’s Parkinson’s symptoms.
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29 Apr: What’s New in Parkinson’s: April 2021

Six million variations of Parkinson's. How cells dispose of defective mitochondria. The self-regulating feedback mechanisms of dopamine-releasing neurons. Parkinson's links to melanoma, neuroticism, and herbicides. And so much more. Check out the most important Parkinson's research, surveys, and stories happening now, and let us know if we missed anything. Happy reading!