2Amy Carlson and Ericalynn Priolo of Lineage Dance Co

02 Sep: How to Become “an Exerciser”

I have come to learn one thing about dance: Dance = Sound + Movement. Whether that sound is Bach or The Beatles or Beat Poetry or the beat of a single drum and whether that movement is choreographed or organic or just a body walking down the street. If sounds encourage a body to move, that body is dancing. For me, dance has been the perfect companion to take me through my journey with Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s permits you to rock your world. Parkinson’s is an invitation to change. Flip the script. Change the way you live your life. Find a movement you like, learn to love it, and permit yourself to take time for that movement every day.
Close-up of race bib

27 Jul: Every Victory Counts Challenge Becomes “Sister Act, Part Two” for Sarah Greenlaw and Mary Greenlaw-Meyer

Last summer, Mary Greenlaw-Meyer asked her younger sister Sarah if she wanted to take part in a month-long fitness challenge. Sarah was game, and thus began their first foray into Team DPF, Davis Phinney Foundation’s grassroots fundraising community, and the first-ever Every Victory Counts Challenge (EVCC). This summer, the Greenlaw sisters are back at it, and this year they’re making headlines as some of the event’s top fundraisers.