[PODCAST] The Parkinson’s Podcast Unfiltered: Curating Your Relationships

Unfiltered Podcast: Relationships

In this episode of The Parkinson’s Podcast Unfiltered, Heather and Kat discuss making the most of relationships.

The conversation includes discussion of the importance of listening and communication, as well as the necessity of recognizing the potential for surprise and extra stress in relationships when you are living with a chronic health condition.

During this episode, Heather and Kat also talk about how they manage their energy and prioritize their friendships and relationships with care partners. One critical observation Kat makes about this relates to the fact that relationships may have “season.” This comes up in the context of how her relationships with former co-workers changed after she retired and they continued to work.

There are so many other highlights in this episode, so please take the time to enjoy and listen via the links below!

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