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12 May: How Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Therapy Can Help You Live Well with Parkinson’s

Over the past several years, we have shared stories, podcasts, and webinars about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, practices that have been around for thousands of years. The practice of mindfulness, beneficial to everyone, can be particularly beneficial for people experiencing anxiety and depression, two common non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's. That's not all it can improve, however. Here, we'll turn our attention to a specific form of mindfulness therapy, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and how it can help improve not just depression and anxiety but also pain, focus, energy, resiliency, and more.   
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09 May: Join Us for The Victory Summit® Virtual Event: YOPD

Registration is open for The Victory Summit® Virtual Event: YOPD, designed especially for people with young onset Parkinson's disease. Very often, the emotional, social, physical, and psychological needs of those diagnosed with YOPD are different from those diagnosed at an older age. That’s why we want to shine a spotlight on YOPD. We want you to have the education, resources, and support you need to live well with Parkinson’s no matter your age. During this event designed specifically for people with YOPD, you will learn from and interact with Parkinson’s experts and people living with YOPD on a wide range of topics that are unique to your situation. From the biology and etiology of YOPD to treatments, reinvention, exercise, and more, you’ll leave with a concrete plan on how to live well with Parkinson’s for many years to come.
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In the book How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness: A Mindful Guide, author Toni Bernhard addresses a broad range of topics and how the practices of mindfulness, equanimity, and self-compassion can make life as good and joyful as possible in the face of a diagnosis like Parkinson’s.

03 May: Every Victory Counts® Preview: Friendships and Parkinson’s

There are various obstacles that a person with Parkinson’s can face when it comes to friendships, both with making new friends and keeping “the old.” Some friends may find a Parkinson’s diagnosis too much to process. That’s okay. Just be where you can with them. Others may not completely understand but will be by your side, nonetheless. Treasure the friendships wherever they are. Some will fade, and again, that’s okay. Give grace to those friendships and let them go where they naturally will. The others, the ones who stick around even though they don’t understand — I think they might just be the “gold.” 
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01 May: What You Need to Know about Osteoporosis and Parkinson’s

While not a direct symptom of Parkinson’s, osteoporosis, a condition in which bones become weak and brittle, is extremely common among people living with Parkinson’s. Studies have found that osteoporosis and osteopenia (the beginning of bone mass decline, which can lead to osteoporosis) affect up to 91% of women and 61% of men living with Parkinson’s. Because weak and brittle bones are easily fractured or broken, and because people with Parkinson’s are often more at risk for falls due to postural instability, it’s important to understand the causes of osteoporosis and how to prevent bone loss so you can stay healthy and mitigate your risks of getting injured during a fall.  
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30 Apr: What’s Coming Next Month: May 2021

Join us in May for live webinars on a wide variety of topics, including racism and Parkinson's, pregnancy and contraception for people with Parkinson's, and how light and nature can help you live well today. Also, back by popular demand is a workshop led by Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassador Lorraine Wilson, in which she will show you how easy and beneficial creativity can be.  And, as the weather gets warmer and we turn to the outdoors for exercise and play, be sure to check out one of our many Team DPF events that will inspire you to move and support others living with Parkinson's in the process.
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29 Apr: What’s New in Parkinson’s: April 2021

Six million variations of Parkinson's. How cells dispose of defective mitochondria. The self-regulating feedback mechanisms of dopamine-releasing neurons. Parkinson's links to melanoma, neuroticism, and herbicides. And so much more. Check out the most important Parkinson's research, surveys, and stories happening now, and let us know if we missed anything. Happy reading!
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28 Apr: How Laughter Yoga Can Help You Live Well with Parkinson’s

Laughter yoga can be an especially powerful tool for living well.   Laughter yoga combines laughter with yogic breathing and stretching exercises. It works best in groups and requires eye contact and playfulness. Many of the exercises incorporate cognitive challenges within them, like clapping and laughing at the same time, so they are both are fun and challenging (and there are no worries if mistakes are made!).  
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26 Apr: A Day in the Life of a Parkinson’s Ambassador: Barry Branson

Our Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassadors are at the heart of our organization. They are our fearless leaders dedicated to living well today, who use their knowledge, passion, and experience to support others going through a Parkinson's journey. Each Monday during Parkinson's Awareness Month, we will highlight a "Day in the Life" of one of our amazing Ambassadors. This week, we are happy to feature Steve Hovey. Here is "a day in his life," in his own words.