Living Well

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06 Jul: Meet the New Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassadors

Over the past 15 years, our greatest joy has been getting to know people living with Parkinson’s. They are our greatest teachers, sources of inspiration, and the people we reach out to when we want to hear the real deal. That’s why we’re handing over our next The Victory Summit® Virtual Event to them. Join these speakers and the Foundation on April 2 as we celebrate Parkinson’s Awareness Month and pass the mic to people who can show you that it is possible to live well with Parkinson’s today — because they are doing it themselves. 
Julie Fitzgerald - Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassador

03 Jul: Living Alone with Parkinson’s: Advice from Ambassador Julie Fitzgerald

Singles with Parkinson’s are people who don’t have a care partner who lives with them. There are a lot of us. Some singles have been on their own for some time, while others have lost care partners as a result of divorce, the death of a partner, or many other life circumstances. Just when you thought life couldn’t throw any more curveballs, you find yourself facing Parkinson's alone…without a safety net.  Webinars and resources designed for care partners often make me feel even more alone. I sometimes want to scream, "What about me?!" So, how do we cope and live well with Parkinson’s without a care partner? I’ve given this a lot of thought, and I’ve come up with some suggestions.
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30 Jun: What’s Coming Next Month: July 2021

Join us in May for live webinars on a wide variety of topics, including racism and Parkinson's, pregnancy and contraception for people with Parkinson's, and how light and nature can help you live well today. Also, back by popular demand is a workshop led by Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassador Lorraine Wilson, in which she will show you how easy and beneficial creativity can be.  And, as the weather gets warmer and we turn to the outdoors for exercise and play, be sure to check out one of our many Team DPF events that will inspire you to move and support others living with Parkinson's in the process.
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22 Jun: How Can Occupational Therapy Help Me Optimize My Environment for Parkinson’s?

Let’s look at some ways an OT can help you live well with Parkinson’s at home. Why? Because much of our lives are spent in our homes. We eat, sleep, and cultivate passions there. We create art, food, and music there. We study and educate ourselves there. And, of course, we visit others and maintain relationships there. So, home needs to be a place that supports our goals and allows us to thrive.
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21 Jun: [Webinar Recording] The Latest and Greatest on Boxing and Parkinson’s

If you’ve been living with Parkinson’s for a while, chances are good that you’ve either heard about how beneficial boxing is for people with Parkinson’s, or you’ve attended many boxing classes yourself. But how familiar are you with the latest and greatest research about boxing and Parkinson’s? In this webinar, our panel members shared specifics about the research they’ve conducted and described the effects of Parkinson’s severity and duration of boxing training on changes in balance, mobility, and quality of life for people living with mild or moderate to severe Parkinson’s.
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19 Jun: Submit a Proposal to Host a 2022 Parkinson’s Workshop

Are you interested in hosting a cooking workshop for the Parkinson's community? A how-to about finding a new career path after diagnosis, or navigating "Parkinsonville"? A tutorial on watercolor, or propagating a spider plant, or song-writing, or starting your own business, or dancing, or bird-watching, or tai chi, or poetry, get the idea. We invite you to submit an application to host a 2022 Parkinson's workshop!