Moments of Victory®: Debbie Sapir Tuck Fundraises for Louisiana Walks For Parkinson’s

Debbie Sapir Tuck with her mother, Roro, in front of an outdoor background. They are both white women. Debbie is behind her mother in a purple shirt. Roro is wearing a white shirt and clear-frame glasses. Roro has grey hair and Debbie has brown hair.The text says Moments of Victory Debbie walks for Louisiana Walks.

Meet Debbie Sapir Tuck

In this Moment of Victory®, meet Debbie Sapir Tuck. Debbie annually participates in Louisiana Walks for Parkinson’s in Metairie, Louisiana.

Learn more about her story below, and if you’d like to join her at Louisiana Walks on October 14, 2023, you can register here.

Why do you fundraise for Louisiana Walks and the Davis phinney Foundation?

When my mom, Roro, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, my sister, Susan, joined a local support group, took our parents there, and got involved. Some members of the support group were involved in organizing the Louisiana Walks for Parkinson’s event. Because I didn’t live nearby, I knew I wouldn’t be able to join. However, I could fundraise, even though I wouldn’t say I like asking people for money.

I reached out to my family, my husband’s family, and close friends, and I raised $4,800 that year–effortlessly.

The following year, my husband said, “You know, you aren’t going to raise that kind of money again,” which sparked a motivation to prove him wrong! So, I emailed everyone, shared the donating link, and raised over $5,000. It made me realize that this is easy for me, and while I can’t be there in person to help with the event, I can raise money. For 10 years, that’s exactly what I’ve done.

What are your favorite things about fundraising?

My favorite things about fundraising are increasing the number of people I reach and the funds I raise each year. When my husband challenged me, I beat my first year of fundraising. Then, in 2017, my mom passed away in August, and I hit $10k that year because of all the people who made donations in memory of my mom. In 2018 and 2019, I hit $9k. Last year, maybe because we had a two-year hiatus, people were extraordinarily generous, and I raised over $12k! I send out emails, and the response continues to be excellent.

What challenges do you face while fundraising?

This sounds wild, but I don’t have any other than I’m not computer-savvy, and that’s the only thing that’s hard for me. Otherwise, this is very easy for me to do.

What makes your fundraising so successful?

People know this fundraiser is important to me because of my mother. But it’s my community: I have been in Alabama for 43 years and am well-supported. My husband grew up here, and my kids have grown up here; we know so many people. The generosity and support I receive is amazing. It also helps that I do it EVERY year. Now, people expect it, and they earmark their charity donations for this event. I’m so grateful.

Any advice or encouragement you would give to someone else who is fundraising in honor of a loved one?

  1. Don’t take it personally if someone you ask doesn’t donate to your cause.
  2. Fundraising spreads awareness: From sending my letter out to people we know, I’ve found out about so many people who have a connection to Parkinson’s.
  3. Thank your donors! And then follow up again, letting them know how your fundraiser wrapped up and how much you raised.

Do you want to give a shoutout to anyone from Louisiana walks?

People don’t realize that just a tiny handful of people put on this walk. This festival is fantastic, but so few people sign on to help. The fact that Susan and Michelle have continued to do this with very little help is incredible. They deserve a significant shout-out for what they have accomplished and how much they bring this community together.

Louisiana Walks for Parkinson's 10th Annual. The colors alternate green and blue, except Louisiana, which is in an orange bar. There is a drawn, blue heart in the corner.

Join debbie and team dpf at louisiana walks for parkinson’s!

Louisiana Walks (LA Walks) for Parkinson’s is an annual celebration of living well, benefiting the Davis Phinney Foundation. You can look forward to a fun-filled event with a silent auction, live music, a Parade of Prizes, local New Orleans food, Parkinson’s resources, activities for kids, and more at this family-friendly event. This year’s 10th annual walk is dedicated to the loving memory of John Humphreys.

If you struggle with technology like Debbie but would like to fundraise for the Davis Phinney Foundation, Team DPF support is here to help:

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