MOMENTS OF VICTORY® – Angee Ludwa Keeps Us Moving

Angee Ludwa - Davis Phinney Foundation
Each month, we spotlight Moments of Victory® from people in our community. Today, we are happy to feature Angee Ludwa, a physical therapist working in Davisburg, Michigan.

How long have you been working with people with Parkinson’s?

For over 17 years, I’ve been working with people living with Parkinson’s.

what kind of work do you do?

I’m a Physical Therapist in a hospital-based neuroclinic working individually with people living with Parkinson’s. My community activity also includes teaching exercise classes and encouraging people to keep moving.

PWR!2 Angee Ludwa - Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassador

why did you get into this work?

I knew I’d found my passion after working with my first client 17 years ago. Exercise has a tremendous impact on people living with Parkinson’s and providing people with the ability to live a high quality life is so rewarding.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love meeting everyone and learning about their story. Everyone has a story, and being able to help someone return to an activity they want to do—or even just providing them with resources—is the best!

What is something you wish all of your clients understood about the work you do?

I hope they understand that I am part of their team in the journey to manage Parkinson’s. I am here to keep them motivated, to keep them moving, to help them find the best quality of life.

Angee Ludwa - Davis Phinney Foundation

What advice do you have for allied health professionals who are considering pursuing a similar path?

I would recommend getting involved as much as possible in their Parkinson’s community. That may mean speaking at support groups, teaching community based exercise classes, or volunteering at local fundraising events.


Each month, we spotlight people from our Parkinson’s community who embody living well today – what we call Moments of Victory®. Your story, like Angee’s, could be featured on our blog and Facebook page so others can learn from your experiences and victories.  

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