Moments of Victory®: Amy Bridge Honors Bertrand Delhom with Team DPF

bertrand delhom

Meet Amy bridge

In this Moment of Victory®, we feature Amy Bridge: a Team DPF member fundraising to honor her friend Bertrand Delhom. Learn more about her story below.

a minivan with the neptune logo on it.What is your team dpf event?

I’m fundraising for Team DPF in honor of my friend Bertrand Delhom, who is sailing in the Ocean Globe Race aboard The Neptune, a heritage French Sailboat. Bertrand, a 55-year-old sailor from Brittany, France, diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2020, will be part of the Neptune crew.

This journey will last several months, and Bertrand seeks to send a message to millions worldwide living with Parkinson’s that anything is possible. We aim to reach as many people living with Parkinson’s as possible to share the power of our motto, “Who dares, lives.”

Why do you fundraise for the Davis phinney foundation?

Davis and the Davis Phinney Foundation provide a fantastic platform of knowledge and hope. Parkinson’s impacts so many–including serious athletes–but all the lives of those affected by Parkinson’s are changed, and until we research and find a cure, there is strength in numbers. By sharing stories, we all empower ourselves and others to help change perceptions and impact reality.

Do you have a favorite memory from fundraising?

Preparing for the Ocean Globe Race with Tan (skipper) and Bertrand is the experience of a lifetime that led me to the Foundation. This effort has reconnected me with my former home and life in Colorado and my desire to help raise awareness.

What challenges Have you faced while fundraising?

I am attempting to connect US efforts and institutions with Neptune, Bertrand, and like-minded people in France. To make these global connections, I have had to learn about Parkinson’s, conduct many interviews, and speak two languages.

What are you doing to reach your fundraising goals?

I reach my goals by being persistent, patient, and kind, and by providing clear and consistent communication. I am proud to be an ambassador for Parkinson’s research and to bring as many people “on board” this mission as I can.

Follow along with the neptune!

You can follow along here!

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