Moments of Victory®: Bob Boone Rides to Fundraise with Team DPF

Bob Boone

Team DPF is the Davis Phinney Foundation’s grassroots fundraising community that raises money to help people with Parkinson’s live well today. In our Moments of Victory series, we highlight the stories and successes of inspiring Team DPF members. Bob Boone, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s three years ago, has participated with Team DPF in El Tour De Tucson every year since his diagnosis. Watch the video below to hear Bob share what moves him about riding with Team DPF. 


Like many Team DPF fundraisers, Bob has a personal connection to Parkinson’s. In Bob’s case, he lives with the disease, but other members of Team DPF have various reasons they choose to participate. They may have a family member or friend who lives with Parkinson’s, or they may have another interest. Common goals like being active, supporting an important and inspiring cause, and having fun bond this team together. 

Bob loves riding with Team DPF and as a bonus, El Tour de Tucson brings him closer to his brother who lives in Arizona. Bob’s not alone in choosing to join an event that gives him an opportunity to visit friends and family: Some Team DPF fundraisers travel together to an event and other members, like Bob, choose an event that brings them closer to where their loved ones live. 


In his Moment of Victory video, Bob says that in his third year of fundraising, he thought some people in his network might be growing tired of him asking for donations. Despite this, Bob matched his fundraising goal each year.  

Bob’s concern about exhausting his fundraising community is understandable, but many Team DPF fundraisers find that consistently participating in an annual event creates a consistent fundraising network. The regularity allows donors to incorporate the Team DPF fundraiser into their annual giving plans. 

Another, more personal reason a regular fundraising effort is helpful is that it provides you with an opportunity to share personal updates and stay in touch. Social media is also a great way to stay connected throughout the year and help keep people informed of your plans and how you are doing. 

TEAM DPF EVENTS SCHEDULED FOR 2024 Did you know? Since 2010, Team DPF has raised $9,454,000 to help people with Parkinson's Live Well Today? Blue background, yellow oval, black speech bubble, orange light bulb.

We currently have a variety of fundraising events planned for 2024, including a virtual event, a walk, a run, and cycling events in Colorado and Iowa. Join us for one of these events or plan your own! 

Remember—almost any activity or event can be turned into a Team DPF fundraiser. In addition to some of the best cycling and running events across the United States and Canada, Team DPF members have organized and participated in silent auctions, raffles, wine tastings, and much more! 

If you’re looking for ideas to get started or are interested in organizing your own fundraising event, our Team DPF coaches are here to help. You can reach them at 

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