Helen Browne Strengthens the Parkinson’s Community through the Leadership Circle

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Helen Browne–a member of the Davis Phinney Foundation Leadership Circle–has been a part of the Parkinson’s community in Boulder, CO, since 2004. In this donor spotlight, we highlight Helen’s Parkinson’s story and share her thoughts about why she supports the Foundation’s work.

PAUL AND HELEN BROWNe: longtime Fixtures in The Parkinson’s Community

When Helen’s husband, Paul, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2004, resources for people with Parkinson’s in Boulder were limited: There was scarce more than a small support group. Paul became active in that group and supported growth in the Parkinson’s community in many other ways as well.

Helen and Paul saw firsthand the ways the Foundation also contributed to that growth. “I was around before there was a Foundation,” Helen says. “Now it is hard to imagine the Parkinson’s community without it.”

Although Paul died from complications of Parkinson’s in 2017, Helen continues to contribute to the community in many ways. In addition to contributing to the Foundation as part of the Leadership Circle, Helen remains a regular participant in events and support groups.


Helen directly experienced the Foundation’s role in the growth of the Boulder and broader Parkinson’s community. When asked what the Foundation means to her, Helen says that while a cure for Parkinson’s is a crucial goal, she also knows that helping people face the daily challenges of Parkinson’s is essential.

Helen has witnessed the Foundation’s life-changing efforts to help those living with Parkinson’s and their families improve their quality of life today. She is particularly appreciative of our ambassador program, which she says is “unmatched.”

I use the motto Every Victory Counts to inspire all aspects of my life. — Helen Browne

Helen has eagerly expanded her personal involvement over the years: In July of 2023, she served as a member of the organizing committee for our CAR-nival event. Not only was the event an exceptionally good time, it raised over $30,000.


We like to know what inspires our donors to give to the Foundation and support our mission. When asked what motivates her contributions Helen says, “The Foundation has made incredible progress educating and inspiring people with Parkinson’s […] and it does this at no cost to them. But there is a cost to the organization, and with my contribution and those of others, the fruits can continue to be available to everyone.”

Helen believes everyone diagnosed with Parkinson’s should receive a recommendation to connect with the Foundation. “The Davis Phinney Foundation provides so much information and so much encouragement,” she shares. “It provides a community for the newly diagnosed, as well as those advancing with the disease. It provides a sense of optimism for the future.”


Launched in 2019, our Leadership Circle is comprised of donors who give $1,000 throughout the calendar year. Members of the Leadership Circle receive special benefits throughout the year including:

  • A dedicated Davis Phinney Foundation representative responsible for making your relationship with the Foundation even more meaningful
  • Unique opportunities to join us at events and experience the work your financial support makes possible
  • A mailed copy of the Davis Phinney Foundation annual report
  • Exclusive invitations to attend insider-only presentations and updates
  • Invitations to gatherings, meetings with members of our boards, and regional meetups
  • Opportunities to share your feedback on new Foundation initiatives
  • …and more!


We are grateful to everyone who supports the Foundation in any and all ways. Because of your gifts, volunteer work, shared stories, and more, we can make an ever-growing impact on the Parkinson’s community.

If you’re interested in learning about giving to the Foundation or joining Danny in the Leadership Circle, please call or email our Leadership Circle representative, Edna Togba at etogba@dpf.org or 1-866-358-0285.

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