Davis Phinney Foundation Honored with Genentech Charitable Giving Grant



Davis Phinney Foundation Honored with Genentech Charitable Giving Grant

Grant will benefit the groundbreaking Parkinson’s Hispanic Community Engagement and Education Program.

LOUISVILLE, CO – Statistics reveal that Hispanic individuals with Parkinson’s often experience disparities in diagnosis, treatment, and care. The Davis Phinney Foundation’s new program, bolstered by Genentech’s support, aims to bridge these gaps through tailored resources, community outreach, and educational materials developed specifically for the Hispanic population.

Parkinson’s Hispanic Community Engagement and Education Program Highlights: 

  • Culturally Relevant Resources: Development and distribution of educational materials in Spanish, addressing aspects of Parkinson’s that are particularly relevant to the Hispanic community.  
  • Community Engagement Initiatives: Hosting workshops, seminars, and support groups led by bilingual professionals, focusing on topics ranging from treatment options to lifestyle strategies for managing Parkinson’s.  
  • Awareness and Advocacy: Efforts to increase awareness about Parkinson’s in the Hispanic community and advocate for better access to care and treatment options.

The grant from The Genentech Charitable Giving, marks a significant step in ensuring that the Hispanic community, which has historically faced barriers in accessing Parkinson’s resources and information, receives culturally relevant and language-specific support.

We are incredibly grateful for the support from Genentech Charitable Giving. This grant enables us to extend our reach and provide essential resources to the Hispanic community, a group that has been underserved in Parkinson’s care and education,” said Richard Cook, Director of Development of the Davis Phinney Foundation.


The Davis Phinney Foundation is a leading national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people with Parkinson’s live well today. Founded by Olympic cyclist Davis Phinney, the foundation provides essential information, practical tools, and inspiration to people living with Parkinson’s.

Genentech Charitable Giving is committed to fostering innovation in healthcare and ensuring access to medical advances for all. Through grants and community programs, Genentech Charitable Giving supports initiatives that improve health equity, education, and patient care.

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