Team DPF at the Wahooligan Tour: Four Moments of Victory

Wahooligan Tour logo, which is Wahooligan in smaller font above the t and o of a large font "TOUR". The word tour is shown between a blue mountain and an orange mountain. Below the mountains are the Team DPF logo, the Davis Phinney Foundation Logo, and the words "SAVE THE DATE FEB 25-MARCH 2".

Team DPF is the Davis Phinney Foundation’s grassroots fundraising community that raises money to help people with Parkinson’s live well today. In our Moments of Victory® series, we highlight the stories and successes of inspiring Team DPF members. 

This post shares an overview of The Wahooligan Tour and highlights the reasons why four dedicated Team DPF members annually participate in the Tour. 

You can also listen to an audio version of this webinar.

In the Moments of Victory video above, Pete, Jill, Allison, and Kevin—four veteran participants in the Wahooligan Tour—share their perspectives on why they look forward to the Tour every year.  

They love the community aspect of the Tour, getting to ride with friends and cycling legends, and how the Tour helps them kickstart their exercise routine early in the year. The tour is accessible for cyclists of all abilities--you can adjust the intensity for your needs--and these loyal riders all appreciate the challenge of the event and how it helps them live well today. 


The Wahooligan Tour is a multi-day virtual cycling event and fundraiser for the Davis Phinney Foundation.  

The Tour was founded in 2013 as The Tour of Sufferlandria, and while the event route and other details have changed with time, the spirit remains the same. The Tour is an opportunity to join a group exercise community, test your cycling limits, get in some great workouts, and win epic prizes. Moreover, it’s fun, it's challenging, and it's a chance to support our programs that help those living with Parkinson’s. 

Since 2013, the Davis Phinney Foundation has benefited from the Tour. Over 16,000 people have participated, raising nearly $2,000,000 to date. Since 2019, we have partnered with Wahoo Fitness on this event, and the Tour was renamed The Wahooligan Tour in 2023.   


Step One: Register for the tour. 

Step Two: Subscribe to the Wahoo X platform, and download the SYSTM app. Access to the routes is free for the duration of the Tour. 

Step Three: Fundraise. We can help: Reach out to us at 

Step Four: Get ready and ride! 


This year’s Tour has two different routes: the Wahooligan and Sufferlandrian route.  

The Wahooligan option is the signature route, showcasing the best of Wahoo Fitness’s personalized 4DP workouts in Wahoo SYSTM. For any level of riding experience, this route will be challenging but rewarding.

The Sufferlandian route honors the event’s history, dating back to 2013. It is specifically designed for seasoned riders and will put your mental and physical limits to the test. 


What is Sufferlandria?  

When you know, you know. Exercise is tough, and humor and community can help in this mythical nation.  

What is a Wahooligan? 

Some days are rife with headwinds and storms, while other days are cloudless skies with gentle tailwinds. In the end, it’s all about the journey--not just the finish line. A Wahooligan is in it for the long haul.  

Are there any incentives to participating in the Tour? 

In addition to bolstering your fitness and giving you a goal, simply by registering for the event, you’ll be entered into the prize pool drawing for prizes including Wahoo KICKR products and apparel. Take your ride a step further and fundraise or donate to earn Team DPF fundraising incentives. 

We've responded to additional frequently asked questions on the Team DPF Tour FAQ page. 


The Wahooligan Tour is part exercise, part community-building, and part whimsical bonding over how challenging it all can be. The tour is also an opportunity to support the Davis Phinney Foundation’s efforts to help people living with Parkinson’s continue push their limits and live well every day with Parkinson’s.

Register today to join Pete, Jill, Alison, and Kevin, as well as thousands of others who have had moments of victory during this epic event! 


Wahooligan Tour Info Page on 

Wahoo Forum 

Wahooligan Tour Promotional Video 

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