How to Take Levodopa for Parkinson’s


Can you relate to this?

Your doctor tells you you have Parkinson’s, which may or may not come as a surprise to you. After you take a few deep breaths and ask questions about what comes next, your doctor writes you a prescription for carbidopa/levodopa and sends you on your way.

You take your medicine as directed. It’s supposed to help your motor symptoms, and it does. A little bit. But you don’t feel great. Maybe you feel nauseous. Maybe jittery. Maybe extra tired. Maybe wired. Maybe any number of things. Is it your Parkinson’s? Is it the meds? You do some research on the web because you don’t have an appointment to see your doctor for months. You learn about protein and how everyone reacts differently to drugs. But still, something doesn’t feel right.

If that’s where you are,  listen and watch Dr. K break it down and explain how Parkinson’s medications work and how to make sure you do everything you can to make it work for you.

When one of our community members watched this video, she immediately changed her medication routine. Here’s what she said, “My meds kick in much quicker, each dose lasts longer, my OFF periods are significantly less, and I feel like a new woman!”

We hope the same for you.

More about Parkinson’s Medications

Medication treatment for Parkinson’s is typically divided into motor and non-motor symptom categories. On our searchable Medication Guide, you can learn about the different types of Parkinson’s medications, the names of common Parkinson’s medications, and the symptoms that can be managed by using these medications. Click here to access the guide.


Much more can be found in our Every Victory Counts® manual. It’s packed with up-to-date information about everything Parkinson’s, plus an expanded worksheets and resources section to help you put what you’ve learned into action. Request your free copy of the Every Victory Counts manual by clicking the button below.

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