Levodopa is the gold standard treatment for Parkinson’s. It was one of the first Parkinson’s drugs, and it is still the main drug prescribed to treat Parkinson’s for many people. It acts to help with slowness, stiffness, and tremor. Levodopa can be used in conjunction with other medications to address the same symptoms. Carbidopa is now always combined with levodopa to enable more levodopa to reach the brain rather than the bloodstream. Common side effects of levodopa include nausea and light-headedness.

Generic Name
Trade Name
Patient Assistance
Carbidopa/levodopa immediate-release Sinemet® Prescribing Information Merck Patient Assistance

Carbidopa/levodopa immediate-release, divided


Immediate-release tablet with 4 snappable segments—giving you a range of dosing amounts in each tablet.

DHIVY™ DHIVY™ Patience Assistance
Carbidopa/levodopa orally disintegrating Parcopa® Dissolvable pills can be an advantage for people with swallowing problems. Prescribing Information UCB Pharma Patient Assistance
Carbidopa/levodopa extended release Sinemet® CR Brand name (through Merck) has been discontinued but generic versions are still available through Viatris, Accord, and Sun Pharmaceuticals. Product Website

Produce Website

Carbidopa/levodopa/entacapone Stalevo® An alternative to just carbidopa/levodopa that is combined with entacapone to help with motor fluctuations. May also cause diarrhea and/or discolored urine. Product Website Novartis Patient Assistance
Carbidopa/levodopa extended-release capsules Rytary® Carbidopa and levodopa pellets in each capsule dissolve at different rates with the goal of increasing ON time with fewer dosages. Note that Rytary® has slightly different dosages from other carbidopa/levodopa medications. Product Website Amneal Patient Support More Information
Carbidopa/levodopa enteral solution Duopa™ Administered through a small tube that is surgically inserted into the small intestine rather than delivered in pill form. This can be a helpful alternative for people requiring very frequent dosing or with swallowing issues. Product Website AbbVie Patient Assistance More Information
Levodopa inhalation powder INBRIJA™ Used when needed for OFF episodes in adults with Parkinson’s treated with regular carbidopa/levodopa medicine. Does not replace regular carbidopa/levodopa medicine. Product Website Acorda Support Services More Information

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