Growing Up with a Parent who has Parkinson’s

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Kelsey Phinney Talks to Jacie and Matthew
about Growing Up with a Parent Who has Parkinson’s

Life is short. I’m not going to let Parkinson’s take anything away from me.

– Matthew Ater

What’s it really like to grow up with a parent who has Parkinson’s?

Well, just like with everything else about Parkinson’s, it depends.

That’s why we wanted to hear from those who’ve done it. In this podcast, Kelsey Phinney talks to Jacie (17 when her dad was diagnosed) and Matthew (six when his mom was diagnosed) about their experiences.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Common experiences that many children of parents with Parkinson’s face
  • The importance of keeping a positive attitude about Parkinson’s
  • The role children can play in encouraging their parents
  • The good and bad parts about being a parent’s emotional support system
  • How living with a parent with Parkinson’s can influence everything from relationships to career choices and the values that matter most

Jacie and Matthew are both so open and honest, and we hope that what they’ve shared will make you feel less alone.

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Comments (3)

Thank you Kelsey, Jacie, and Matthew !
What some awesome children of parkeys you are! Love you!

One more reason I’m thrilled to bring Sidekicks to a local elementary school where one student’s daddy has Parkinson’s and others have grandparents with it.

That’s great, Lorraine. We are getting such great feedback on the program and are getting requests every day to bring it to more and more places. We look forward to hearing about the program you do at the elementary school.

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