[Podcast] Parkinson’s Pain Assessment & Management

Man is holding back in two places where he has pain. The man is a white man with a T-shirt and short hair. The picture is black and white, while the pain is represented in red splotches.

Parkinson’s Pain assessment & management episode summary

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In this interview, Dr. Apurva Zawar, PT, DPT, discusses one of the most common non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s, the different types of pain, and where you can find tools and resources to manage it.

Topics discussed include:

  • What Kind of Pain Are People with Parkinson’s Experiencing?
  • Are There Different Causes of Pain in People with Parkinson’s?
  • Determining the Source of These Aches
  • Understanding the Different Types of Pain
  • Managing Central Pain
  • When You’re in Too Much Agony to Manage Your Symptoms
  • Surprising Things That Can Help Aches and Discomfort
  • Dr. Zawar’s Program, Beyond Rehab

and more! We hope you enjoy it!

The information in this podcast is for general information purposes only. It includes information about Parkinson’s and insights from our Parkinson’s community. It is not intended as a substitute for treatment advice from your own medical providers.

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