[Podcast] Every Victory Counts® Manual, Chapter Fifteen

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Listen to chapter 15, “Long-Term Care and Financial Planning,” of the newest edition of our Every Victory Counts® manual. Advanced preparation and planning is an essential part of living well with Parkinson’s, but sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. This chapter will break down the what, how, and when of long-term care and financial planning and provide you with resources so you feel confident planning for the future.   

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  • Order your Every Victory Counts manual digitally or in print here.
  • Check out the Every Victory Counts companion site, where you'll find more resources on each topic featured in the book.
  • Email blog@dpf.org with the name of the chapter you listened to, as well as your top takeaway, to be entered into a drawing to win Davis Phinney Foundation swag and the opportunity to be featured on our blog.

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Additional resources from the Every Victory Counts companion page:

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