[Podcast] Living Alone with Parkinson’s

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Living alone with parkinson's episode summary

Living alone can be a blessing or a curse. Some people love their independence and love being able to direct their days all on their own. For some, not having a live-in care partner, family member, or roommate is lonely and a hardship. While living alone comes with many challenges when you have Parkinson’s, our panelists agree that there are also many benefits. Living alone allows you to take as long as you need for tasks that have become more difficult with Parkinson’s, it motivates you to establish a strong social network outside of the home, and it forces you to confront your challenges rather than leaning entirely on another person, which can be unhealthy for a relationship

During this episode, we talked to five people, Michael S. Fitts, Allyson Kinney, Michael Fahning, Gerrie Blavat, and Brian Reedy, who are living alone with Parkinson’s, some by choice and others not. They shared their stories and offered ideas and advice on how to live alone and well with Parkinson’s.

Topics discussed include:

  • Why are you living alone with Parkinson's?
  • What is the hardest part of living alone with Parkinson's?
  • Getting a service animal
  • Finding more important things to worry about
  • Accepting your limits
  • What different tools make living with Parkinson's easier?
  • How to get around when you physically can't drive

and more. We hope you enjoy!

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