[Webinar Recording] Financial Wellness and Parkinson’s

Webinar Recording-Financial Wellness and Parkinson's

In this webinar, Alice Lightener Johnson, a specialist in financial and estate organization, sets out a practical, step-by-step plan to help you become more financially healthy while living with Parkinson's.   

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Some of the topics addressed during this interview include:

  • The first step you can take toward achieving financial wellness
  • How to build your financial team and who to have on it
  • The must-have documents you should complete right away
  • How to make cost projections no matter how old you are
  • How to make sure your accounts are in order and won’t cause added stress for loved ones
  • The best way to organize all of your hard and digital assets
  • Strategies for organizing and simplifying your financial footprint
  • What, when and how to communicate with family about your finances


American Bar Association
National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (Fee-based financial advisors)
Everplans (They offer free articles and checklists along with online storage of documents and information.)
Life Documents Organizer Kit by Smead
Alice Lightner Johnson (if you live in the Twin Cities, reach out to Alice.) 


This webinar was made possible by a grant* from Acorda Therapeutics and by sponsorship* by Kyowa Kirin.

*While the generous support of our sponsors and this grant makes our educational programs available,
their donations do not influence Davis Phinney Foundation content, perspective, or speaker selection.


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