[Video] YOPD Council: How to Change Careers and/or Find More Meaning on Your Current Path

YOPD Council

Receiving a Parkinson’s diagnosis when you’re young is overwhelming enough as it is. Add the need to exercise daily, attend a variety of medical appointments, and focus on your mental health to an already busy work schedule and it can feel like too much. Plus, if you don’t love your current career path, or you do but the demands exceed your energy and ON time, the possibility of changing careers or shifting roles at your age might feel like a pipe dream. But it’s not.

In this webinar, our YOPD Council leaders will discuss:

  • How to evaluate your career with the Parkinson’s lens
  • How to evaluate new ideas
  • How to use your Parkinson’s community to network and learn about second, third, or even fourth act careers
  • How to bring more meaning to your current role
  • And more

You can watch the video below.

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Show Notes

  • Many people with youngonset Parkinson’s disease (YOPD) are still working a full-time job and are financially responsible for themselves and/or their family when the symptoms of Parkinson’s begin to appear  
  • After a YOPD diagnosis, take time to re-evaluate your ability to meet the expectations of your current position. A beneficial first step can be connecting with a professional who can help you navigate the process of requesting accommodations or applying for disability benefits. Expert guidance can help you determine if, how, and/or when to talk to your employer about your diagnosis  
  • Maintaining financial stability is a primary concern for many people diagnosed with YOPD. Disability insurance may provide some financial assistance 
  • Because B-Corp certified companies must adhere to a certain level of social and environmental responsibility, they may be easier to work with regarding disability accommodations 
  • The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation can be helpful in finding work that is sensitive to certain accommodations and needs. To find an office near you, click here 
  • A hugely important aspect of navigating the difficulties of managing your Parkinson’s symptoms and a full-time job is having a support system. Connect with a Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassador, seek out local support groups, or tune in to our monthly YOPD Council webinar series or our new YOPD Women series 

resources and topics discussed 

Does Parkinson’s Disease Qualify for Disability Benefits 

Can I Get Disability Benefits Now That I Have Parkinson’s? 

Financial Planning for Parkinson’s Disease 

Insurance for People with Parkinson’s  

Working Full-Time with Young Onset Parkinson’s 

YOPD Council: Work, Money, Meaning & Parkinson’s 

Spotlight YOPD 

Job Accommodation Network (JAN)

Employee Assistance and Resources Network on Disability Inclusion (EARN)

Getting Hired:

My Employment Options

WANT more advice from our yopd council?

You can register for the entire YOPD Council series here, as well as catch up on recent conversations. We meet on the third Thursday of every month to discuss the unique challenges of living with YOPD.

beginning next week – YOPD Women Webinar Series

Women diagnosed with YOPD face decidedly different challenges than do YOPD men. In general, women and men diagnosed with Parkinson’s experience differences when it comes to presenting symptoms, sleep problems, cognitive impact, responses to surgery, medication side effects, emotional health, and the care partner experience. But, when a woman is diagnosed with YOPD, you can add challenges related to contraception, pregnancy, menstruation, menopause, hormones, body image, aging, and more, to their plate.  

We’re here to help everyone on this unique journey. During our monthly YOPD Women sessions, we’ll address all of those topics with the help of doctors, specialists, and our YOPD Women Council leaders, Gaynor, Kat, Heather, Soania, and others. Register today and join us for these lively, interactive, and truth-telling monthly sessions, held on the first Wednesday of every month beginning February 3, 2021. 

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