World Parkinson Congress 2023


In July 2023, the sixth World Parkinson Congress (WPC) will convene in Barcelona, Spain. The World Parkinson Coalition hosts the event to “provide a forum for basic scientists, clinical researchers, health care professionals, people with Parkinson’s, and others to come together under one roof to discuss, learn, and engage in debate around the latest scientific discoveries, medical and comprehensive care practices related to Parkinson’s.” 

To that end, the WPC registration page explicitly invites anyone living with Parkinson’s and anyone who cares for someone living with Parkinson’s to register to attend the event as a Parkinson’s Advocate. Registration is open now. Early registration rates are available until March 24.  

The Buddies Program and “Parkinson’s Ready” 

The WPC makes a deliberate effort to include and welcome people with Parkinson’s.  In addition to a travel grant program that can help lower the cost of attendance for people with Parkinson’s, the WPC has a “Buddies” program that connects people with Parkinson’s from different parts of the world. The program facilitates the sharing of ideas from around the world about how to live well with Parkinson’s. Registration for the Buddies program closes on March 17. 

Another important effort the WPC makes to welcome people with Parkinson’s is the “Parkinson’s Ready” initiative. This initiative provides information and training about Parkinson’s to a wide range of partners in the host city—from police and firefighters to hotel and airport staff. This training will help ensure that all who attend WPC 2023 have the best possible experience. 

The Schedule 

This year’s WPC will feature presentations and discussions about a broad range of subjects. The schedule includes workshops, lectures, poster sessions, networking events, theater events, and much more. 

The opening day of the congress will feature full- and half-day educational sessions focusing on topics including young onset Parkinson’s; advocacy and activism in Parkinson’s; and advancements in research, science, and treatment of Parkinson’s.  

The remaining days of the event will feature presentations and conversations on a wide variety of Parkinson’s topics, including: 

  • Biological Subtypes of Parkinson’s 
  • Non-Dopaminergic Players in the Progression and Pathophysiology of Parkinson’s 
  • Engaging Women in Clinical Research 
  • Synuclein Strain and Spreading 
  • Tracking Progression: Why and How? 
  • Environmental Contributions to Parkinson’s 
  • Constipation in Parkinson’s 
  • Digital Monitoring of Mobility: Why, Where, and How? 

In addition to the scheduled content, WPC 2023 will also provide venues for spontaneous interaction between attendees.  

Davis Phinney Foundation At WPC 2023 

Davis Phinney Foundation Executive Director, Polly Dawkins, will represent the Foundation at WPC 2023. Polly will participate as a Parkinson’s Advocate and member of the Leadership Forum Executive Committee.  

When asked what she’s most looking forward to, Polly said, “I am excited to reconnect in person with our global Parkinson’s community. I have been working on a YOPD Women subcommittee for the last two-plus years and cannot wait to meet some of the women with whom I’ve been working. I am also excited to highlight the Foundation’s partnerships and work in the Hispanic Parkinson’s community.” 

Living with Parkinson’s Meetup panel member Heather Kennedy will also attend and will co-moderate a session about neuromodulation and functional neurosurgery for Parkinson’s. Multiple Davis Phinney Foundation board members and advisors will also attend. 

What Does WPC 2023 Mean for You? 

WPC 2023 is a unique, global forum where people with Parkinson’s, researchers, and care providers come together to learn from one another. This inclusive approach will generate new ideas about living well with Parkinson’s, and the collaborations and partnerships that develop at the event will influence the direction of research and other Parkinson’s initiatives. Importantly, the World Parkinson Congress gives you the opportunity to participate in these influential conversations. 

If you can attend the event, be sure to catch up with Heather and Polly, and we’ll look forward to reporting back about the event later this summer! 

Looking to attend the world parkinson’s congress?

You can sign up for the World Parkinson’s Congress at their website. Remember, Early Registration rates will end on March 24, and registration for the Buddies Program ends on March 14.

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