[Podcast] Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), ON and OFF times, and Getting Through It with Heather Kennedy

Heather Kennedy

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In this episode, Heather Kennedy, a person with Parkinson’s who has been living with the diagnosis for 12 years discusses: 

  • Three articles she’s recently written called “Gifted”, “Poison for Breakfast”, and “Sweating it Out” 
  • Her journey with Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) 
  • The difficulty of unpredictable ON and OFF times in Parkinson’s and how those times impact relationships 
  • How her views have changed since the initial days of her diagnosis  
  • The difficulty of discerning between symptoms that are due to Parkinson’s, medications, or something else entirely 
  • The burden of explaining Parkinson’s to those who don’t understand 
  • The importance of having compassion for people with Parkinson’s and nurturing that compassion in all areas of life 


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