Parkinson's Podcast Unfiltered

We are thrilled to release the first episode of a new podcast series: The Parkinson’s Podcast Unfiltered. In the first episode, hosts Heather Kennedy and Kat Hill discuss stigma; the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and others; and how often these stories are misguided, misleading, or simply untrue. Heather and Kat approach these subjects with their characteristic care, candor, thoughtfulness, and humor.

Keep your eyes peeled future episodes of this series, which we plan to release every other week. To receive updates about release dates, follow us on your favorite podcast app, or subscribe to our YouTube page. Future episodes will touch on grief, letting go, sex, and so much more. With Heather and Kat behind the mic, you can be sure both there won’t be a dull moment (and there may be a few surprising twists in store).

Want more Parkinson’s Podcast? Visit the Parkinson’s Podcast archive on our website! 


The audio-only version of this podcast is also available on YouTube.

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