[Podcast] Relationships and Parkinson’s

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Love, Relationships and Parkinson’s with the living with parkinson’s meetup

In this episode, the Living with Parkinson’s Meetup panelists discuss LOVE, relationships, and care partners, whether they be spouses, kids, friends, neighbors, etc. As always, our panelists speak with honesty and emotion, making everyone affected by Parkinson’s feel less alone.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Care Partners Who Think Your Parkinson’s is Going to Get Better
  • Care Partners Who Don’t Understand Your Symptoms
  • Pushing Your Care Partners Away
  • The Difficulty of Communication
  • Finding a Partner if You’re Single with Parkinson’s
  • Partners Who Leave You Because of Your Parkinson’s
  • Family Relationships and How Much You Should Expect from Them
  • Not Expecting Other People to “Understand”
  • Crossing the Boundary from a “Partner” to a “Care Partner”
  • Accepting Help When You Need It

and more. We hope you enjoy!

You can find links for more information about topics discussed in this webinar here.

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