[Podcast] What I Wish I Knew About Parkinson’s

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What I Wish I knew about Parkinson’s episode summary

In this episode of The Parkinson’s Podcast, Living with Parkinson’s Meetup panelists discussed what they wish they knew when they were diagnosed with Parkinson’s and what advice they would give now to newly diagnosed patients.

Topics we discuss include:

  • What do you wish you had known when you were first diagnosed with Parkinson’s?
  • Being kind, listening to elders, and seeking help
  • Take things seriously, but not too seriously
  • “I wish I knew ‘don’t ignore your symptoms.'”
  • Medications
  • The moment when you are first diagnosed
  • Having a movement disorder specialist
  • Support groups
  • “I wish I knew the importance of exercise”
  • Socializing, being with people, and getting out of your head

and more! We hope you enjoy it!

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