[Webinar Recording] December 2023 Living with Parkinson’s Meetup 

Living with Parkinson's December 2023

On December 21, 2023, we held the final Living with Parkinson’s Meetup of 2023.  

This meetup wasn’t originally on our calendar, but the end of the year can be a lonely and challenging time. As such, the panelists decided they wanted to spend time with one another and the members of the viewing community. During the meetup, the panelists discussed challenges related to the end-of-year holidays, their hopes for 2024, and more. 

If you haven’t yet registered to attend the live meetups, please do so here. 

Transcript coming soon!


Between exhausting travel, extra expenses, and challenging inquiries from well-meaning friends and family, the holidays can be stressful even for those who aren’t living with Parkinson’s. Navigating these stressors while living with Parkinson’s is even more complicated—and you probably already know that stress can lead to worsened symptoms. Multiple panelists discussed the benefits of taking time for yourself and not overextending.   

Proactive self-care is essential, but taking too much time to yourself can have a downside, too. Social isolation is associated with worsened quality of life, and sometimes, focusing too much on yourself can exacerbate stress rather than relieve it. The panelists also discussed volunteering in your local community as an excellent way to shift your focus from your own experience, connect with others, and help you find a sense of purpose. 

Still, neither taking care of your own needs nor avoiding social isolation is a solution for what Tom brought up as one of the most challenging aspects of 2023: the difficulty of not knowing what’s around the corner. Parkinson’s continually presents new challenges, and Tom navigates this by keeping active and talking himself into doing what he feels Parkinson’s prevents him from doing. Everyone has to find the right balance of not doing enough and doing too much; this is a central challenge of Parkinson’s, despite the time of year. 

Watch the meetup video above for more on the topics above and many other subjects, including: 

  • Communicating about Parkinson’s with family and friends 
  • Sharing how you’re doing on social media or by email 
  • Navigating dystonia, back pain, and fatigue 
  • The panelists’ 2023 highlights and hopes for 2024 

Our next meetup will be on January 18, 2024. We always welcome your questions! Please send them our way using this form or by emailing blog@dpf.org.  

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