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People living with Parkinson’s, their care partners and families, and friends of those living with Parkinson’s want reliable and practical information that will help them improve their quality of life today and every day. The Every Victory Counts® manual is the gold-standard resource to help you live well with Parkinson’s and achieve your wellness goals. And now you can access the fifth edition by audio!

A special thanks to the Colorado Talking Book Library for creating these audio recordings and making the Every Victory Counts manual even more accessible.

How to Listen to the Audio Recordings

You can listen to the recordings on your phone, tablet, or computer. Below, we share instructions to help you listen through a podcast app on your smart phone or tablet; by clicking “play” buttons on this page; or by downloading recordings to your device.

Access Audio Recordings on this page

The Every Victory Counts manual is divided into 18 audio recordings. Each is embedded on this page. The title of each episode and a description of its content are listed below each embedded recording. Simply click the play button (the gray arrow on the left of each podcast image below) on the episode you would like to hear, and it will begin playing on your phone, computer, or tablet.

You can also download the audio recordings to save on your computer. Click the blue “to download…” phrase that follows the episode description, and the audio recording will download onto your computer. Look for the file in the “Downloads” folder on your computer.

Every Victory Counts Audio Recordings

Every Victory Counts – Part 1 – Parkinson’s Overview

Learn more about Parkinson’s and how it’s diagnosed, as well as what symptoms might occur and how Parkinson’s changes over time. To download “Parkinson’s Overview,” click here.

Every Victory Counts – Part 2 – After a Parkinson’s Diagnosis

Here, we share advice about assembling your wellness team, the importance of self-efficacy, managing emotions, participating in clinical trials, and initial treatment. To download “After a Parkinson’s Diagnosis,” click here. 

Every Victory Counts – Part 3 – Parkinson’s and Employment

Take a deep dive into workplace issues, disability options for people with Parkinson’s, legal processes, and balancing work with family and relationships. To download “Parkinson’s and Employment,” click here. 

Every Victory Counts – Part 4 – Parkinson’s Motor Symptoms

Listen here for more details about common motor symptoms, balance issues, and fall prevention. To download “Parkinson’s Motor Symptoms,” click here. 

Every Victory Counts – Part 5 – Parkinson’s Non-Motor Symptoms

People with Parkinson’s often say that their non-motor symptoms are more life-altering than symptoms like tremor and rigidity. Learn more about symptoms such as depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, hallucinations, nOH, and more. To download “Parkinson’s Non-motor Symptoms,” click here. 

Every Victory Counts – Part 6 – Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD)

Get tips for navigating a Young Onset Parkinson’s diagnosis and the accompanying concerns about employment, family life, finances, and more. To download “Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD),” click here. 

Every Victory Counts – Part 7 – Parkinson’s Complementary Therapies

Learn how physical, occupational, speech-language, and creative therapies (and more) can help you live well with Parkinson’s. To download “Parkinson’s Complementary Therapies,” click here. 

Every Victory Counts – Part 8 – Parkinson’s and Exercise

Learn why exercise is medicine and the many ways it can help you live your best life with Parkinson’s. To download “Parkinson’s and Exercise,” click here. 

Every Victory Counts – Part 9 – Parkinson’s Medication

Listen to an overview of Parkinson’s medications followed by detailed information about treatments for motor and non-motor symptoms. To download “Parkinson’s Medication,” click here. 

Every Victory Counts – Part 10 – Living Well with Parkinson’s 

Learn tips to live well with Parkinson’s in any stage and with any symptoms. Here, we share advice on self-care; preventative screenings; dental, bone, heart, and vision health; fatigue; sleep issues; cognitive concerns; constipation; and more. To download “Living Well with Parkinson’s,” click here. 

Every Victory Counts – Part 11 – Parkinson’s Diet and Nutrition

Learn how changes to your diet can help manage certain symptoms, how protein can interfere with medications, and more. To download “Parkinson’s Diet and Nutrition,” click here. 

Every Victory Counts – Part 12 – Parkinson’s Hospital Stays and ER Visits

What to know before checking in, what to ask before discharge, tips from individuals with Duopa or who’ve had deep brain stimulation surgery, and information about medical alert bracelets. To download “Parkinson’s Hospital Stays and ER Visits,” click here. 

Every Victory Counts – Part 13 – Parkinson’s Emotional Health

Learn how to live your best life by managing common Parkinson’s symptoms like depression and anxiety through mindfulness, counseling, and other wellness activities. To download “Parkinson’s Emotional Health,” click here. 

Every Victory Counts – Part 14 – Parkinson’s Connection, Community, and Hope

Here, we share how helping others helps yourself and how creative arts, spirituality, and hope can bring joy to your life. To download “Parkinson’s Connection, Community, and Hope,” click here. 

Every Victory Counts – Part 15 – Parkinson’s Surgical Therapies

Hear in-depth information about the Duopa pump, deep brain stimulation, and more. To download “Parkinson’s Surgical Therapies,” click here. 

Every Victory Counts – Part 16 – Parkinson’s Care Partners

Care partners are essential members of the wellness team for a person with Parkinson’s. Learn how to balance the many aspects of being a Parkinson’s care partner, how to manage stress and avoid caregiver burnout, how to find and ask for support, and more. To download “Parkinson’s Care Partners,” click here. 

Every Victory Counts – Part 17 – Parkinson’s and the Family

Learn how to navigate changing relationships within the family after a Parkinson’s diagnosis and as it progresses. To download “Parkinson’s and the Family,” click here. 

Every Victory Counts – Part 18 – Parkinson’s Planning for the Future

In this final chapter, we share ways to plan for the financial impact of Parkinson’s, as well as advice about long-term care planning for people with Parkinson’s. To download “Parkinson’s Planning for the Future,” click here. 

Listen with a podcast app

Find or download a podcast app on your smart phone. (If you have a iPhone, you likely already have the Apple Podcasts app, which comes pre-loaded.) One app option we recommend is Stitcher for Podcasts.


Apple Podcasts

If you’re using the Apple Podcasts app, open the app and search for The Parkinson’s Podcast. When you see the logo for our podcast appear, tap it to select. You will see a new screen with the list of available podcasts. When you find the episode you would like to listen to, click the purple + icon and then the cloud icon that appears. This will load the episode to your phone. Once the icon that shows that it is loading disappears, click the title of the episode, and it will begin playing on your phone.

Stitcher for Podcasts

If you’re using the Stitcher for Podcasts app, open the app and tap the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner. When the search bar appears, type in “Parkinson’s,” then scroll to find our The Parkinson’s Podcast logo and tap to select. On the screen that will appear, you’ll see the list of available episodes. Simply click the blue arrow next to the episode you’d like to hear, and it will begin playing on your phone.

No matter which app you’re using, remember to subscribe to The Parkinson’s Podcast for all the latest episodes from the Davis Phinney Foundation.



Our Every Victory Counts® manual is packed with up-to-date information about everything Parkinson’s, plus an expanded worksheets and resources section to help you put what you’ve learned into action. Request your free copy of the Every Victory Counts manual by clicking the button below.

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Thank you to our 2020 Peak Partners, Amneal and Kyowa Kirin, with special support from Adamas, for helping us make printing, distributing, and shipping the Every Victory Counts manual for free possible.

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