Every Victory Counts® Manual: Canada Edition Is Now Available!

Every Victory Counts Manual Canadian Edition - Davis Phinney Foundation

We're excited to announce that we've teamed up with Parkinson Canada to publish a fully Canadianized version of the Every Victory Counts® manual.

Why a Canadian version of the every victory counts manual?

Canadians have long made use of the Every Victory Counts® manual as it is the gold-standard resource for living well with Parkinson’s. However, there are many differences in the health and social service systems between Canada and the US, and as a result, references to statistics, programs, treatments, and resources in the original manual may not be available or fully relevant to Canadians. The Canadian edition has been adapted to ensure that Canadians are able to use the Every Victory Counts® manual to the same extent as their American counterparts!

Whether you’re new to the Every Victory Counts® manual or a previous edition has been on your coffee table since your diagnosis, here’s what you can expect to discover in this new Canadian edition:

  • Throughout the book, Canadian Parkinson’s statistics are accompanied by testimonials and quotes from Canadians who are managing a variety of motor and non-motor symptoms.
  • The chapter on medications (Chapter 7) has received a full overhaul to provide the most accurate information about treatments available in Canada and medications approved by Health Canada while respecting that availability can differ from province to province.
  • The chapter on home care, long-term care, and financial planning (Chapter 15) has been thoroughly updated to reflect the options Canadians have regarding long-term care and legal preparations. While many of the sentiments and struggles with the financial impact of Parkinson’s know no borders, how we prepare ourselves and the legalities involved are country-specific. The Canadian edition of the Every Victory Counts® manual equips Canadians impacted by Parkinson’s with the information needed to make the plans that are right for them.

This manual is a comprehensive guide to understanding all aspects of Parkinson’s, but everyone’s experience is unique. Just as there are no clear beginnings or ends to Parkinson’s stages, the book doesn’t need to be read from beginning to end. It’s a guide that lends itself to being picked up and referenced when you need it most so you can properly advocate for your own care.

This patient-centric approach puts you at the center of your care team to make sure the professionals you work with all exchange their findings with one another. Sometimes that means you debrief your care team, and sometimes it means having them communicate with one another on your behalf.

The Every Victory Counts® manual is one of the best resources for enabling people with Parkinson's throughout the US and now also Canada to play an active role in their care. You can live well with Parkinson's today, and the information and stories in this manual show you how.

Get your copy of the Every Victory Counts® Manual for Canadians here.

Register for Parkinson Canada's upcoming webinar introducing the Canadian manual here.

Get your copy of the US-centric Every Victory Counts® Manual here.

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