Introducing the new Every Victory Counts® Manual for Care Partners

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Whether you are the spouse, partner, child, parent, sibling, or friend of your person with Parkinson’s, you are an invaluable part of their team. Your role as a care partner will evolve throughout the years, but in each stage, it is essential to equip yourself with tools, advice, strategies, and support to ensure that you and your loved one live well. We designed our new Every Victory Counts® Manual for Care Partners to give you just that.

Parkinson’s is a complicated and multifaceted condition, and although there are many symptoms, no one person will experience all of them. Learning about the possible symptoms, along with strategies to manage them and actions your person with Parkinson’s can take to live well every day, will help both you and your loved one. Educate yourself about the spectrum of Parkinson’s symptoms and learn which are the most challenging for you and your person with Parkinson's. Explore trusted websites, books, and articles; watch educational videos; attend support groups and educational events; have conversations with healthcare professionals on your person’s medical care team.

"We created this for you—anyone curious about how to better help their friend or family member with Parkinson’s—and truly, I hope it helps answer questions and helps you build your strategy for living well. It is an exceptionally valuable tool, filled with input and tips from the medical community and other caregivers."
-Connie Carpenter Phinney, Co-founder, Davis Phinney Foundation

In our two decades of working to help people live well with Parkinson’s, we have met tens of thousands of Parkinson’s care partners. With you, we have celebrated, laughed, cried, struggled, and overcome challenges. We have learned strategies to help people with Parkinson’s live their best lives. And we have been asked for advice on all aspects of Parkinson’s care. Throughout the new manual, we share some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from Parkinson’s care partners, with responses from us, from Parkinson’s experts, and from Parkinson’s care partners. We’ve designed it to be accessible to all care partners, whether you care for someone young, newly diagnosed, or in the advanced stages of Parkinson’s.

Being a Parkinson’s care partner means you are special, that someone trusts you enough to ensure their health and safety when they need it most. It is also a role that requires endurance and the ability to take your care just as seriously. If you can balance the caregiving you do for your loved one with the caregiving you do for yourself, you will experience many benefits of being a care partner, including increased health and longevity, purpose, increased confidence, deeper relationships, and more.

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The Every Victory Counts Manual for Care Partners is available at no cost in print and digital versions. To learn more and request your copy, click here.

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