Announcing the Davis Phinney Foundation Legacy Society

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At age 50, during a visit to a neurologist for what he thought was carpel tunnel syndrome, Robert Davidson was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He didn’t, however, let that get in the way of life. Since his diagnosis, he has continued to work a full-time job, be an active father to three children (two sons in college, a daughter in high school), and live a busy life.  

"My neurologist recommended the Davis Phinney Foundation as a great place to start understanding the changes and challenges facing the future," Robert says. "Everything about the Davis Phinney Foundation has been first-rate from the YOPD meetings to the Every Victory Counts® manual. Recently, I used the bequest tools provided by the Foundation and found them easy to use and thought-provoking.  I realized there was an opportunity to help others in the future and deepen my engagement in the Parkinson’s community."

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Early in my Parkinson’s journey, I promised it wouldn’t only be about me, but rather if I focused on being a better husband, father, friend and provided what I could to others, I would be defined by that, not an illness. Making a legacy gift to the Davis Phinney Foundation fulfills that promise.
-Robert Davidson

Friends and supporters like Robert who give to the Foundation through planned giving help ensure that we can continue to fulfill our mission to help people and families affected by Parkinson’s live well today and for years to come. Planned giving allows you to leave a legacy of support for the Foundation in many ways that you may not be able to do during your lifetime, and these ways to give may also provide you tax benefits. 

To celebrate and thank bequest donors like Robert who play such a significant role in our work, we have created the Davis Phinney Foundation Legacy Society. Members of this society have chosen to leave a bequest or other planned gift to the Foundation.

Why join the Legacy Society?

  • Be part of a group of thoughtful, forward-thinking donors helping to sustain our mission
  • Receive personal Foundation contact to further your meaningful connection with the Davis Phinney Foundation
  • Receive quarterly stewardship updates and ideas for connecting with the Foundation and our community
  • Be notified of special Legacy Society events...and more! 


To make it easy to create a lasting legacy at the Davis Phinney Foundation, we’ve partnered with FreeWill, a free online resource that allows you to write your will in 20 minutes or less and easily include a legacy gift to the Davis Phinney Foundation. The tool is always free to use and can be completed online or used to create a list of wishes to bring to an attorney. Click here to start your will today. For more information about the Legacy Society or FreeWill, please contact our Director of Development Rich Cook at or call 1-866-358-0285.

Share Your Story

Have you previously made a legacy gift to the Foundation in your will? We'd love to hear from you! Notify us of your intentions or share your story with us by contacting Director of Development Rich Cook at or call 1-866-358-0285.

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