[Podcast] Women and Young Onset Parkinson’s

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women and Young onset parkinson’s episode summary

In this episode, Dr. Annelien Oosterbaan talks about the impact of Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD) on women, how women have been left out of the research for so long that their care is impacted, menstrual cycles, pregnancy, breastfeeding, medication, menopause, and much more. She also talks about what it’s like to be a gynecologist, a mother of 4, and have YOPD.

Dr. Oosterbaan answers questions like:

  • What happened when you were first diagnosed?
  • What was it like with your family when you were first diagnosed?
  • What was it like living with Parkinson’s and being pregnant?
  • What have you learned about Parkinson’s and pregnancy?
  • What do you think healthcare providers get wrong about pregnant women living with Parkinson’s?
  • How does menopause affect women with Parkinson’s?
  • How does DBS affect pregnancy?
  • What is Preg Spark?

and more! We hope you enjoy!

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