Tips for More Expressive Communication in Parkinson’s

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Facial masking is an important symptom of Parkinson’s to pay attention to because it can limit the ability to communicate emotion. The good news is that people with Parkinson’s, their care partners and health care providers can do something about it.

In this episode, Kelsey talks to Professor Linda Tickle-Degnen about:

  • How to improve facial expression
  • What Parkinson’s care partners can do to create an environment that encourages more non-verbal expression
  • What people living with Parkinson’s can do to address their own facial masking
  • One of the easiest and most essential ways to help people with Parkinson’s overcome facial masking
  • The importance of vocal exercised to improve facial masking
  • Mimicry and its role in our ability to empathize with other people
  • And much more!

Concepts Mentioned in this Podcast & Further Reading


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