The Parkinson’s Podcast™ Launches Tomorrow

The Parkinson's podcast launches October 17th

A couple of years ago, we launched a few podcast episodes to see if they were something our community was interested in.

Note: We’ve republished them recently to bring our new community members up to speed. You can find them at the following links:

01 – Living Well with REM Sleep Behavior Disorder
02 – Growing Up with a Parent Who Has Parkinson’s
03 – How Facial Masking in Parkinson’s Influences Perception
04 – Tips for More Expressive Communication in Parkinson’s

It turns out our community was interested in audio content and since then many have asked, “When are you going to do more?”

We can finally say the answer is NOW!

Tomorrow we launch the first official season of The Parkinson’s Podcast™.

Kesley Phinney is back as our host for 10 new episodes that touch on everything from the neuroscience of Parkinson’s to diagnosis, medications, emotional health and more.

How to Listen

You can either listen to each episode directly from the episode page on our website, or you can go to iTunes or SoundCloud or wherever you listen to podcasts and listen from there. (And if you like them, please be sure to leave a review.)

If you’ve never listened to a podcast before and aren’t sure how to do it, this article gives a great step-by-step tutorial.

Season One Episodes Include:

Episode 101: The Neuroscience of Parkinson’s with Kelsey Phinney
Episode 102: A Parkinson’s Diagnosis with Dr. Aaron Haug
Episode 103: Advice for the Newly Diagnosed with Jill Ater
Episode 104 – Advice for Parkinson’s Care Partners with Connie Carpenter Phinney
Episode 105 – Perspectives from Adult Children Who Have Parents Living with Parkinson’s
Episode 106 – Motor-Specific Pharmacological Therapies with Dr. Trevor Hawkins
Episode 107 – New Research, Medication and CBD Oil in Parkinson’s with Dr. Trevor Hawkins
Episode 108 – How to Exercise & Live Better with Parkinson’s with Dr. Jay Alberts
Episode 109 – Emotional and Psychological Care with Dr. Mark Mapstone
Episode 110 – Palliative Care, Not Just for End of Life: A Holistic Approach to Treating Parkinson’s with Dr. Maya Katz

The first three will be available tomorrow, and then we’ll release a new episode each Wednesday for the next seven weeks.

We hope you’ll learn valuable information and insights from these interviews, and that you’ll put some of the ideas into action to help you live well with Parkinson’s.

If there’s a topic you’d like for us to cover in the future or someone you think we should interview, please be sure to email us at

In the meantime, here’s to living well with Parkinson’s.

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I’m looking for a subscription link I can paste into “Juice” so I get new podcasts when released as I do with several others. My partner is the PWP and I’m trying to learn how to cope.

Hi Gary – I’m not sure what you mean by subscription link?

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