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Woman follows her Parkinson's exercise program at boxing gym
Staying on Track with Your Exercise Routine

…Check out our other resources about exercise and Parkinson’s: 10 Tips for Exercising with Parkinson’s Living Well: Exercise Video Library: Exercise Parkinson’s Exercise Essentials Videos All about Exercise and Parkinson’s…

Exercise and Parkinson’s

…How to Encourage People with Parkinson’s to Exercise How to Increase Exercise Sustainment while Living with Parkinson’s How to Exercise & Live Better with Parkinson’s with Dr. Jay Alberts Exercise

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How to Exercise with Parkinson’s

exercise help reduce Parkinson’s symptoms A surprising symptom that seems to improve with exercise The best exercise you can do and why About Pedaling for Parkinson’s and how he’s bringing…

Two senior women training on simulator and smiling
How Exercise Can Ease Anxiety in Parkinson’s

…and fine movement control. Weight-bearing exercises like walking or jogging increase endurance, strength and bone density. Exercise Boosts Emotions We know that exercise helps overall health and wellness for everyone,…