Eric Rappaport

Cary, North Carolina

Eric received his Parkinson’s diagnosis after working for 30 years as an OB/GYN and becoming a senior physician for his group. In 2007, after one of the operating room nurses at his work noticed a tremor, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and sought support from a psychologist, who helped him cope with the diagnosis. Although he made tremendous progress, he was ultimately wrongfully terminated from his position due to his Parkinson’s. This taught Eric one of the biggest lessons on this journey: when life is going one way and shifts unexpectedly, you can persevere by changing your perspective. 

15 years later (and now retired), Eric feels almost as healthy as he did when he first received his diagnosis. Finding support through Rock Steady Boxing has been a huge factor in living well with Parkinson’s for Eric, and connecting with newly diagnosed individuals has provided much meaning for him. As an Ambassador, he is excited about increasing the awareness of Parkinson’s and how to live with diagnosis by modifying your lifestyle. “You can live with this condition – it just takes a little imagination and courage to try new things.”  

On a perfect day, you can find Eric cooking with his wife, exercising, or going to the community theater to enjoy the newest performance!  

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