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Laredo, Texas

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at 40, though my symptoms began in my early 30s. I am a member of the Mexican Parkinson’s Association and created a support group in my community and on Facebook called Parkinson Laredo. I participate in local, national, and international Parkinson’s events and have shared my experience in various communities. I am an Ambassador of Parkinson’s Art, and I love to promote art as a form of expression to create more awareness about Parkinson’s in our community.

I have learned that we can live well with Parkinson’s by loving ourselves, exercising, and eating well, among other things. I’m excited to spread that message as an Ambassador.

When I’m not busy with my work in the Parkinson’s community, you’ll find me hanging out with friends and family, practicing yoga, painting, traveling, being in nature, and loving on animals.

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