Dennis Tinley

Brielle, New Jersey

I am a care partner for my wife Mary who was diagnosed in 2017. We focused early on building a strong care team. This covers all aspects of her care from exercise to neurology to physical therapy. Through this journey, we learned about online resources and have become very knowledgeable about what has worked for us and others. We mentor others with Parkinson’s whenever we are called for help.

Living well with Parkinson’s means having the best quality of life that you possibly can by taking advantage of available resources and help. It also means helping others so that they can benefit from our knowledge and experience.

I see the Ambassador program as a way for me to take a more active role in helping others. In addition, I hope to be active in specific causes that I believe are important to the Parkinson’s community, such as making Parkinson’s skilled care more available and accessible to all who need it and the use of technology to enable better care. I get great satisfaction and joy from helping others on their Parkinson’s journey. I also look forward to meeting, interacting, and learning from others involved with the Parkinson’s community.

It’s so important to make sure Mary is getting the best possible care. I also love spending time with family and friends. My hobbies are golf, traveling, exercise, and wine.

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