Chanda Morra

Boynton Beach, Florida

Chanda is a personal trainer and fitness instructor. Four years ago, one of Chanda’s clients with Parkinson’s was responding positively to exercise. After learning about Rock Steady Boxing, Chanda immediately found her passion and focused all her energy on helping her Parkinson’s clients and class participants. Since then, Chanda has been certified in PWR!Moves and Delay the Disease, and is now a Parkinson’s exercise specialist working almost exclusively with people with Parkinson’s.

The people that Chanda sees who are living well with Parkinson’s are setting goals and working to attain them — physically, mentally, and spiritually. They are moving, they are grateful, and they choose to be a part of the support system. Constantly asking herself, “what more can I do?”, Chanda likes to be as connected as she can be to the best resources and is excited to reach those who are newly diagnosed to offer them hope.

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