Gail Gitin

Boulder, Colorado

Gail was a care partner to her husband Gene with Parkinson’s for over 15 years. After many attempts to get answers, Gene was officially diagnosed by a movement disorder specialist and began their journey to live well with Parkinson’s. Living in Boulder, the Davis Phinney Foundation has made a significant impact on Gail, her husband, and her community. With multiple opportunities through support groups, exercise classes, and lectures to increase understanding surrounding Parkinson’s, Gail and Gene were able to improve their quality of life and develop a positive outlook.

Impressed by the Foundation’s dedication to reaching out to those in need and through her years of experience as a care partner, Gail is looking forward to meeting new people and sharing her experience to help make others’ journeys a little less stressful. Living well with Parkinson’s means making the best of each day, meeting new friends, feeling good about achieving a goal, and feeling positive.

With five grandchildren, Gail enjoys spending time with them and setting up art projects. Her perfect Sunday involves an outdoor adventure, followed by dinner at a fine restaurant and a cocktail in hand. If she’s not baking or making friends, Gail can be found at her art studio among paints and canvases!

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