Rick Johnston

Westlake, Louisiana

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2018 after a chance encounter with a neurologist while visiting a family member in the hospital. I didn’t take the diagnosis well initially, but I eventually found my way to a support group and began learning more about what I could do to live well with Parkinson’s.  

After relocating from Lafayette to Lake Charles, LA, I discovered very few resources available to those with Parkinson’s. So I decided that was where I could use my military background and mindset to “soldier up” and help as many people affected by Parkinson’s as possible to improve their quality of life.  

What excites me most about being a Foundation Ambassador is the opportunity to make a difference. With my recent nutrition and personal coaching certifications, I hope to gain enough knowledge to help people with Parkinson’s enjoy a better life one move at a time. 

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