Gregory B. Ritscher

Panama City Beach, Florida

I received my official Parkinson’s diagnosis in 2011, though I had been living with symptoms for quite a long time. I am very active in the Parkinson’s community as an Ambassador for the Foundation, member of the Parkinson Foundation Membership & Outreach Committee, member of the Parkinson’s Pointe Board of Directors, Executive Director of Jax’s Hope, and Parkinson’s support group leader for 3085Thrive. (30 & 85 are the Longitude and Latitude degrees of PCB, FL, and Thrive is what we choose to do and help others to do as well.

I love speaking at Parkinson’s events, for Parkinson’s groups, and on stages and screens all over the country. I also love meeting, learning, and interacting with other like-minded and empowered individuals to put an end to the negativity associated with Parkinson’s.

When I’m not fulfilling my mission to make Parkinson’s wish it had never met me, you’ll find me spending time with my family and friends, practicing my faith, fishing, writing, and trying to keep my grandchildren laughing.

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